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At Eastern Shore Batteries & Solar we have a great range of batteries for all kinds of situations. We have Car Batteries, Bike Batteries, Deep Cycle Batteries, Mobile Phone Batteries, Home Phone Batteries, Laptop Computer batteries.

Brands such as Century, Raylite, Discover, Trojan, Excide, Katana, Delkor, AC Delco, Master Instruments, CMI Accesories, Alco, ESB, Projecta

As well as the huge range of batteries we also stock the following;

Battery Chargers –  Matson, Projecta, C-TEK & Sinergex.

Inverters – SMA, Solar Edge, Fronius, Projecta, Sinergex

Solar Panels – NEST, LG, Astronergy

At Eastern Shore Batteries & Solar we sell all kinds of Batteries & Solar, we have access to a  larger range of batteries than a Battery World store and are Hobart's no.1 specialty battery & solar store. 

Solar – On Grid & Off Grid

We also specialize in both on Grid & Off Grid Solar using only the best brands!