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At Eastern Shore Batteries & Solar, we are your one stop shop for all your Battery & Solar needs, as well as our wide range of Batteries & Solar we carry in both our Bellerive & Sorell stores we are also agents for Lava Radiant Heaters, HRV Home Ventilation Systems, NEO Power Solar Hot Water systems & "BOB" Black Out Buster.

ysCuvU1460941143 At Eastern Shore Batteries & Solar we  pride ourselves on our friendly service,  we are more than just a battery shop, we  have also have a large focus on  Renewable Energy.




 We carry a complete range of car  batteries to suit any car. Use our handy  guide to find the right battery for you car.



YuyYJa1460944534 If you’ve ever stood outside on a cold  Tasmanian day, but felt warm because you  were in the sunlight; you’ve experienced  infrared heat. These rays from the sun  heat the people and objects they come  into direct contact with instead of the air.